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We’ve used the guys at Suppliers Compared a few times now to procure a copier, telephone system and vending machine. They have always been really helpful, made the process very quick and found us good deals every time.



Photocopier Hire, Rental & Lease in London, Manchester, Birmingham & Bristol

This guide will help you to decide whether a photocopier for rent or buying a photocopier for sale is best for you. We have set out the benefits and disadvantages of photocopiers to rent and photocopiers for sale and the respective prices, rates and costs of each option.

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When you are ready fill in the form above and compare photocopier hire deals and photocopier for sale prices and quotes from several of the UK’s leading photocopier hire companies.

Benefits of Copier Machine Rental – London, Manchester, Birmingham & Bristol

Small capital investment: Photocopier rental prices are preferable for most companies compared with the one off price of a buying a photocopier outright. Low monthly payments to your photocopier lease company and no large upfront payment means more cashflow which is important for most businesses. Most photocopier hire companies will be able to offer leading photocopier brands so you will likely be able to choose from Ricoh, Xerox and Canon photocopier rental. Also, unless you significantly underestimate or overestimate usage you can predict what your monthly office photocopier bill will be and this means you can budget effectively. This option means you have less money tied up in a depreciating asset and you can then invest the money saved elsewhere in the business.

Choice: Office photocopier hire in London, Manchester, Birmingham & Bristol gives you choice over payment and support from your photocopier rental company where as buying a photocopier for sale does not. When it comes to photocopier leasing you choose the payment terms and monthly amount you can afford and you choose whether you want to upgrades and at what price. Photocopier rental costs are higher in the long term than buying an office photocopier for sale, but it gives you flexiblity in terms of payment and added choice.

Upgrades: You may be entitled to upgrades if stated in the photocopier lease agreement entered into with your photocopier rental company. You will want clauses on upgrades to be stated in the contract to avoid doubt in the future as to what was agreed. This means that if for example you rented a Canon photocopier previously and liked it you can rent another Canon model when you upgrade, however, you also have the option to choose a copier from another manufactuer such as Xerox or Ricoh. Photocopier hire companies should want to retain your custom when you upgrade to a new photocopier and so they should be happy to include such a clause. Ideally you want the opportunity to renew to be optional so that you can compare prices offered for equivalent copiers by other photocopier rental providers. Upgrading is also financially advantageous because new photocopiers are becoming increasingly more price and energy efficient. So even if you upgrade to a more advanced and more expensive photocopier the efficiency improvements may enable you to make a net saving over the long term. Upgrading also ensures that you are not burdened with a depreciating asset. Particularly as there have been significant advancements in photocopier technology over the last few years, photocopiers can depreciate quickly.

Option to buy: After leasing a copier you may be entitled to pay the outstanding amount as agreed with your photocopier lease company to buy the photocopier. This option is not viable for all types of photocopiers. If you have opted for small desktop photocopier hire you are unlikely to want to buy it at the end of the term as by this time a small desktop printer copier is likely to need regular repairs and there will be far more advanced desktop copiers on the current market. However, in some circumstances having the option to purchase after hire is ideal. This is more likely to be in instances where you have opted for heavy duty, commercial photocopier hire as this type of copier machine will probably still run efficiently at the end of the contract period.

Maintenance and servicing: When you lease a business copier you will receive a level of technical support, maintenance and servicing as standard. Where you hire a commercial, heavy duty copier this support is likely to be free or cheaper. Otherwise if you are leasing a cheap copier there will be a premium to pay for this support from your photocopier lease company.

Tax relief: When you lease a photocopier tax is 100% deductible, but only partly deductible when you buy it outright.

Cheaper ink cartridges: When you enter into a photocopier hire contract your photocopier hire company will probably offer to supply toner to you as well. As photocopier lease companies buy toner in bulk they can often purchase toner at a significantly reduced rate and pass this cost saving onto their customers. Having said this some photocopier providers will charge more that the RRP for toner so ask them to confirm the price they will be charging before signing the photocopier hire agreement.

Fill in the form above and compare photocopiers and photocopier quotes from several of the UK’s leading photocopier hire companies.

Benefits of Buying a Photocopier for Sale – London, Manchester, Birmingham & Bristol

Ownership of the photocopier: If you choose to buy a photocopier you will own the machine outright, having cleared your debt to the photocopier company in one go. This means you will not have to worry about the monthly photocopier rental costs.

No interest payments: When your hire a photocopier you pay interest above and beyond the RRP of the photocopier, so the total cost of hiring a photocopier is likely to be greater than buying a photocopier outright.

No additional fees: When you pay for a photocopier outright you will not be liable to the photocopier supplier for additional charges such as monthly per copy fees.

Cheaper extras: If you buy a photocopier for sale then you can shop around for the best priced ink cartridges and toner. If you enter into a photocopier hire contract you may be obligated to buy your toner or ink cartridges from your photocopier supplier who may charge more that the RRP.

Disadvantages of Photocopiers for Hire

Payment of interest: When your lease a photocopier you pay interest above and beyond the RRP, so the total cost of hiring a photocopier is likely to be greater than buying a photocopier outright.

Copy volume estimates: Photocopier rental companies will charge you a monthly per copy fee. The more you copy the lower the per page fee will be. Some customers provider unrealistically high copy estimates in an attempt reduce the per copy fee they will be charged. Whilst some customers provide unrealistically low copy estimates in an attempt to pay less overall. However office photocopier suppliers are well aware that some customers will try to underestimate or overestimate their actual usage and will penalise you where estimates are not met. The photocopier supplier may charge you for the volume you estimated if you do not reach your estimated volume or charge you for every extra copy you produce if you underestimate your copy volume.

Disadvantages of Buying a Photocopier

Large capital outlay: Most decent copiers will cost at least £2000 which is a large financial outlay and capital investment. This can cause cashflow issues, particularly in small businesses. This also means you have money tied up in a depreciating asset which restricts you from being able to invest the money elsewhere in the organisation.

No free upgrades: Given the rate at which technology is advancing having the opportunity to receive free upgrades can be a big plus. However, if you purchase your photocopier outright you will not be entitled to upgrades. The ability to upgrade is not only beneficial in terms of your office being able to use more advanced technology. It is also a financial benefit because new photocopiers are becoming more price efficient when it comes to cost per page, toner usage and energy efficiency.

Less tax efficient: Leasing a photocopier is also more tax efficient than buying one. Leasing a photocopier can reduce your tax bill by claiming it as a business expense. Buying a photocopier is also tax deductible, but not to the same extend as leasing a photocopier. In the first year of trading it is tax deductible by 40% and 25% in the following year. So if you rent a copier it is 100% tax deductible, whereas if you buy a photocopier it is partially tax deductible.

Maintenance and servicing fees: When you buy a photocopier for sale you may have to pay a photocopier company each time your photocopier has a fault that needs fixing. Where as when it comes to photocopier hire, all of this is taken care of under the photocopier rental agreement you have with your photocopier lease company.

Photocopier Rental Prices and Costs

Photocopier leasing contracts will be charged by photocopier dealers in terms of a fixed monthly fee plus a per copy fee. In terms of how these photocopier hire price plans will be weighted, some hire agreements will offer low fixed monthly fees with high excess copy charges. Where as other photocopier hire price plans will offer low per copy fees, but with a high fixed monthly fee. If you opt for commercial photocopier hire or heavy duty photocopier hire your photocopier rental company may offer unlimited free printing as an incentive.

Photocopier Rental Costs

The type of photocopier you rent in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester is clearly going to affect the cost of photocopier hire. If you are looking to rent a multifunctional photocopier that can copy at relatively high speeds and high volumes then this will cost you considerably more than small desktop photocopier hire.

To rent a basic photocopier you can expect to pay £30 to £60 each month. Typically this will be a desktop copier printer suitable for a start up or very small business that require use of the photocopier several times per day for small copying jobs.

For £75 to £125 each month you can rent a basic freestanding photocopier.

To rent a more advanced floorstanding photocopier suitable for a medium sized office, with fairly high copy speed and monthly copy volumes you can expect to pay £125 to £250 per month.

If you have a budget of £250 per month upwards you will be able to lease a large photocopier with very high copy speed and copy volume capabilities and advanced features.

Costs of Buying a Photocopier

Multifunctional Desktop Copiers for Sale – For a desktop copier you can expect to pay between £100 and £300.

Freestanding Medium Sized Photocopier For Sale – You can expect a basic floorstanding photocopier to cost £800 to £1500 if you buy it outright.

Large Floorstanding Photocopier – You are likely to pay between £2000 and £5,000 if you buy a large photocopier.

Heavy Duty Photocopiers For Sale – For a high performance copier suitable for a large office you can expect to pay between £5,000 – £10,000. For an industrial, heavy duty copier machine with the highest copy speeds and the most sophisticated technology on the market, you can expect to pay anything up to £100,000.

Fill in the form above and compare photocopiers and photocopier quotes from several of the UK’s leading photocopier suppliers.

Your Options

When it comes to choosing a photocopier that is right for your offices needs there are a number of things to think about. We have set out some of the key considerations below:

Analogue or digital photocopier hire: Almost all offices now opt for digital photocopier rental as a digital photocopier offers a number of benefits. When you choose to rent a laser photocopier you benefit from higher quality images, automatic image enhancement and additional features including printing, scanning, faxing, sorting, stapling and hole punching. Digital laser copiers also tend to be more heavily reliant on software than hardware and as such are less likely to malfunction. Leasing a digital photocopier also means higher copy speed and higher copy volumes, advanced security features, large memories and sophisticated audit features.When you rent a laser photocopier it will also operate more efficiently as it uses less toner and offers energy saving features.

Canon photocopier rental: Canon are the world’s leading photocopier brand, so whether you opt for Canon photocopier hire or buying a Canon photocopier for sale, you will be getting a market leading copy machine. The Image Runner, Image Runner Advance and Oce Vario models are three of the most popular Canon photocopiers to hire or buy.

Ricoh photocopiers: Ricoh is also one of the most successful photocopier manufacturers and if you are thinking about hiring a Ricoh photocopier or buying a Ricoh photocopier then a good place to start is to view models in the Ricoh Aficio range.

Xerox photocopier leasing: Xerox is the make that produced the very first photocopier machines and they are still going strong today. A highly respected global brand, Xerox photocopier hire is often a safe bet. The most popular Xerox photocopiers for sale include the Xerox WorkCentre and Xerox ColourQube.

Sharp photocopiers: Sharp offer a huge variety of photocopier models including the AR and MX range. Whether you are considering Sharp photocopier lease for a small or large office, they offer a very wide range of Sharp photocopiers for sale to suit all office needs.

Toshiba photocopiers: When it comes buying or hiring a Toshiba photocopier for sale the main range they offer is the eStudio. A longstanding electronics heavy weight, Toshiba are well known globally for supplying very reliable photocopiers.

In addition to the photocopier brands and models above, you may also want to consider hiring a Konica Minolta photocopier, Kyocera photocopier and Olivetti photocopier as these are all well known and respected makes.

Colour photocopier hire: Most companies will require colour photocopier hire as they will need to copy and print in colour from time to time. Having said this, small offices that very rarely use the copier may only need black and white photocopier rental. Leasing a colour photocopier is more expensive than buying or hiring a mono photocopier for sale and colour toner is more expensive than black and white toner so do bear this hire cost in mind.
Most businesses opt for multifunctional photocopier rental so they can benefit from the all in one features including built in scanners and fax machines. Also, multifunctional printer copier hire does not mean that you need a large machine that will take up office space. Multifunction printer copier scanners came in both desktop and freestanding forms.

A3 photocopier lease: Some businesses only have very basic printing and copying requirements in which case A4 photocopier hire is suitable. However, most companies will want to make A3 copies from time to time and therefore hiring an A3 photocopier or purchasing an A3 photocopier for sale is often a good option. Whilst professionals where detailed printing is essential may instead opt for A1 or A2 large format copier leasing. For example wide format A1 and A2 photocopiers are ideal for printing companies and architecture firms.

Second hand photocopiers for sale: Clearly renting a new photocopier will cost more than buying or hiring a used photocopier for sale, however it is likely to be more reliable. On the other hand, purchasing a refurbished photocopier or reconditioned photocopiers for sale may be ideal for offices that copy in low volumes. Just be aware that you normally get what you pay for when renting a used photocopier or buying a second hand photocopier for sale.

Desktop Printer Copiers Vs Heavy Duty Copiers: Small desktop copiers are suitable for small offices. Larger offices with several or more staff will probably want a floorstanding photocopier, whilst large companies or offices where the copier is regularly in use will want to lease a large commercial copier. Where as for specialist print companies heavy duty photocopiers, high speed copiers and high volume copiers are ideal.

Duplex photocopier hire: Buying a duplex photocopier for sale allow users to print and copy on both sides of the page. You can set a duplex photocopier to autoduplex as default. This means saving on paper costs and improves your office’s green credentials.

Complete the form above and compare photocopiers and photocopier quotes from leading suppliers now.

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